Using Poker Copilot to Improve Your Game

Here are some tips for using Poker Copilot to improve your game. These are useful for beginning players who haven’t yet developed a winning style:

  • Voluntarily put $ in pot represents how tight you are pre-flop – 10% to 20% is a good range for full-size tables
  • Post-flop aggression frequency is low if you call or fold too much, is high if you bet and raise often. Good players typically have this > 50%
  • Use the Hands summary to make sure you are not overplaying marginal hands like King-Jack unsuited. Make sure you are playing premium hands like AA, KK, QQ, and AK aggressively, but not so aggressively pre-flop that you scare off your opponents
  • Use the Stake Level summary to find the level where you win the most money. It’s also useful when going up levels to make sure you don’t go beyond your current skill level.
  • Use the Position summary to discover if you playing too much from the blinds and under the gun. The closer you are to the button, the more often you should “voluntarily put $ in pot. The further from the button, the less you should be playing.
  • Use the bankroll chart to see long-term trends in how much you win (or lose…)
  • When you find yourself out-smarted in a hand, double-click on hand in the Recent Hands summary to watch a replay. Work out where you went wrong.

Have you got tips of your own to add?