Poker Copilot Update Sneak Preview

A new Poker Copilot update is coming soon. But to avoid last Saturday’s catastrophe, I’m making this available to my blog readers a little earlier. This is to ensure that I have fixed the worst problems without introducing new ones.

Download 2.03 directly:

What’s fixed:

  • Multi-table HUD problems are rectified
  • Better handling of long-running queries and smoother shutting down
  • PokerStars Italy is working once more
  • Some hands that were not getting read in obscure situations now work
  • The disappearing menu problem is now less of a problem
  • The console now uses hardly any CPU and memory

What’s new:

  • Preferences: For my loyal Italian customers, you can now change the currency symbol to the euro sign.
  • Preferences: You can selectively turn off PokerStars support to avoid the nagging “Please set your seating preferences” message (as suggested by dedicated Poker Copilot user Keith)