Good News, Multi-Tablers

Until now I’ve not been able to fully reproduce the problems multi-tablers are reporting with the HUD in Poker Copilot 2. Frustrating for me, and frustrating for the people trying to multi-table with Poker Copilot. So I brought out the heavy guns.

First, I wrote a program that pretends to be Full Tilt Poker. It simulates 17 tables open at once, and creates the hand history files for Poker Copilot to detect as if those 17 tables were being played by me, at the rate of roughly 1 hand per minute. But still I couldn’t reproduce a HUD failure.

Then I cranked up the simulator dial further. 17 tables, all producing 1 hand every 30 seconds, randomly give or take a few seconds. I started it up, then I went out for a swim. When I came back, a total of about 2500 hands had been simulated, and there – in front of me – was a misbehaving HUD.

The first challenge in fixing a bug is reproducing it. I am at that point. That makes solving the bug possible. And that is today’s good news.