Poker Copilot Update 1.80 Released

There’s a new Poker Copilot update that resolves some (but not all) problems with the latest Full Tilt update. You can download version 1.80 here:

This fixes the problem with Full Tilt tournament results not appearing.

With regards to vanishing statistics, Robert had success doing the following:

I also had to re-add the the hand history files for both Full Tilt and PokerStars to get Poker Copilot to recognize them. When I first started Poker Copilot after the update for some reason it looked like I hadn’t played any hands at all.

For people still affected by these problems, I’m continuing to investigate.

Update/Plea: If you have these problems and you are a techie, could you please use Terminal to look in your Full Tilt hand history folder to see if there any hidden files/folders or otherwise unusual additions? If so, please let me know.