Poker Copilot + Full Tilt are Friends Again

There’s a new Poker Copilot update that resolves the problems Poker Copilot has with the latest Full Tilt update. You can download version 1.81 here:

Many thanks to Alex for helping me eliminate several possibilities. Many thanks also to Afsheen who spotted the clue that gave me the breakthrough and gave me what I needed to reproduce the problem.

A Technical Explanation
The recent Full Tilt update started writing empty (zero-length) summary files. As far as I can tell with limited information, this happened when you played a tournament over midnight. It would result in two summary files, one of which was empty.

Poker Copilot tripped up on this empty file, and stopped reading any more files. The thread which handles turning files into a collection of parsed games stopped, and there wasn’t enough error handling in place to detect that the thread stopped.

Notably, Poker Copilot 2 does detect this situation in its error reporter.

Lessons I Learnt

  1. When your software relies on another oft-updated product, it must be defensive to a level verging on paranoia. Assume nothing that holds true now will hold true in the future.
  2. The first step in solving a problem is being able to reproduce the problem. All first efforts should focus on being able to reproduce the problem.
  3. Customers get annoyed when the day after they buy Poker Copilot, it stops working. And rightly so.