Poker Copilot 2 Early Access Program Update

When someone tells me that Poker Copilot won’t start for them, I figure that there are others with the same problem who simply give up on the software immediately. Which is why I’m so grateful for people who endure start-up problems with EAP build after EAP build, aways giving me bug reports, until I solve the problem. Thanks Michael!

For the curious, the brave, and the desperate, Poker Copilot 2 early access version build 20 is available at

What’s changed:

  • improved stability and performance
  • bug fixes based on crash reports
  • custom chart by hands is now working

You can run the EAP version without affecting Poker Copilot 1 at all.

I’m hoping that this will be the last EAP version. The crash reports have slowed to a trickle as I’ve been fixing problems.