Poker Copilot 2 Beta Released

Under the early access program (EAP), I’ve now released the first beta release of Poker Copilot 2. It’s EAP build 27 and you can download it here:

There may still be bugs; I’m actively testing at the moment.

Improvements since the previous EAP build include:

  • a one-third reduction in time needed to load hands into the database
  • a much more stable HUD. I spent much time last week profiling the HUD, and fixing inefficiencies and threading problems
  • the custom charts now are fully implemented

What is a beta release? From Wikipedia:

…software which has been released to users for software testing before its official release. It is the prototype of the software that is released to the public. Beta testing allows the software to undergo usability testing with users who provide feedback, so that any malfunctions these users find in the software can be reported to the developers and fixed. Beta software can be unstable and could cause crashes or data loss.