Poker Copilot 2: All Systems are Go

It’s official. As of two minutes ago, Poker Copilot 2 is in full release.


I spent the last hours before release hunting down an extremely obscure bug. If your Mac was set to the Tunisian timezone and you had hand histories for April 2009, Poker Copilot would crash. Tunisia changed their daylight savings rules this year and my date library wasn’t aware of the changes. Which caused another library to think April 1st, midnight, was late March 31st. Which caused yet another library – the charting library – to panic, as it thought it was finished dealing with data for March.

Ah, the life of a modern programmer! We have great off-the-shelf libraries, but occasionally, like petulant children, they refuse to play together. And then we have to act like mediating adults and force them to co-operate.

Now I’m taking the girlfriend out for lunch to celebrate.