Poker Copilot’s Crash Reporter

Let’s say that double-clicking on Poker Copilot’s “Position Summary” screen crashes Poker Copilot one time in 100. To find this bug, I’d have to use the screen a lot. Many times to cause the bug, and many times more to reproduce the bug. But if 100 people used the Position Summary screen in one day, chances are that the bug would rear its head at least once most days.

To help track down some obscure issues like this, I added a Crash Reporter to Poker Copilot 2 a couple of weeks ago. If Poker Copilot crashes, the Crash Reporter springs to life, notifying the user, and offering them a chance to send the crash report to Poker Copilot international headquarters. Location: my home office.

The crash report sends the error message plus a snapshot of the state of Poker Copilot. (For the techies: a stack trace and thread dump, plus assorted system properties.)

I’m now getting several crash reports a day, and lordy me, are they ever helpful. That hypothetical once-in-a-100-times bug I described above? It wasn’t hypothetical at all. It was very real, and with the help of crash reports I mercilessly murdered it.