A Lousy Poker Copilot Week – And a New Feature

Apple broke Java. Poker Copilot is written in Java.

Across the known world, Java-based apps on Mac OS X started behaving badly after Apple released the latest Java update. Apple have acknowledged that they broke things. They’ve stated that they take these problems very seriously and are working hard on solving them. But there’s no promise on when a better Java update will be available. Sigh.

The problems include:

  • disappearing menu bars.
  • menu items not working.
  • strange, random crashes that show messages like: NonJava exception raised, not handled! (Original problem: Can’t cache image)

The first two items are not critical for Poker Copilot, because you can use Poker Copilot without using the menu bar. The strange, random crashes disturb me, though. Fortunately they don’t happen often.

This affects big, well-known products too, and I think they have more leverage with Apple than I do, so I’m counting on them getting heavy with Apple. Like, “we know where your children go to school…” heavy. Like, “we have photos of you in compromising situations…” heavy.

Even worse than Apple breaking Java, I had a nasty dentist appointment. It involved metal implements I had not seen before. Foul-smelling ointments. Extended periods of pain. Maniacal grins of sadistic pleasure from my dentist. As a result I was laid low on Friday, unable to work or to respond to support e-mails, thereby failing in my endeavour to meaningfully answer all support e-mails within 24 hours. Instead I watched Michael Jackson tributes on television.

But enough self-pity. I did manage to add a highly-requested feature: showdown winnings vs non-showdown winnings.
This will be in the next EAP release, which should be available later today. Oh, and those numbers you see in the chart? That’s strictly test data gathered from a number of sources – I am not down $3,000!

Finally, although I’ve implemented this feature, I’m not sure how to use it. Does anyone care to explain how I can use the showdown vs non-showdown winnings chart to improve my game?