Food, Inc

I’m looking forward to see Food, Inc. I hope (unrealistically) it gets an undubbed release here in Germany.

The origin of the food we eat is a topic I’m keenly interested in. On the one hand, modern intensive agricultural practices strike me as indefensibly depraved, as I’m sure Food, Inc will demonstrate. On the other hand, I recognise the role food industrialisation plays in banishing malnutrition, starvation, and famine to a not-so-distant past [1] (from an industrialised nation perspective). Not to mention, making many societies rich beyond belief, historically speaking. Ensuring, therefore, that people have enough money to buy Macs, play online poker, and – best of all – to buy Poker Copilot!

[1] Not-so-distant past? That’s right. The last famine in Western Europe was within living memory.