Poker Copilot HUD Problems with Full Tilt

It seems that in the last week or so Full Tilt’s hand history files have some occasional errors. Some hands are recorded as having been played a half-hour or so into the future.

This really confuses the Poker Copilot HUD. With these errors in the hand history file Poker Copilot can’t reliably tell who is currently sitting at your table.

How can you tell if this is affecting you? When the HUD misbehaves, take a look at Poker Copilot’s Recent Hands summary. In the final column, do some of your hands appear to have been played 30 minutes or so in the future? Then this problem affects you.

There is no work-around, unfortunately. But I’d be grateful if you report your issue to the Full Tilt support forum. Please post the erroneous hand history file, if you can find it, so that Full Tilt can see evidence of this problem.