Poker Copilot 2 ETA? No!

I get e-mails frequently asking when Poker Copilot 2 will be released. And I always say, “I don’t know.” Why?

1) As a one-person show, I am susceptible to unexpected delays due to sickness, computer malfunction, family tragedies, or an overwhelming and spontaneous compulsion to spend two weeks on a Spanish beach.
2) Software products get delayed. Always. Things take longer than expected. Bugs appear and eat previous schedule days. Some planned feature turns out to be unusable, difficult to implement, or unstable.

1) + 2) = If I promise a date, I’ll miss it. I don’t like breaking promises. So if I’m not certain I can keep a promise, I don’t make it.

There’s a set of features I’m including in Poker Copilot 2. Once they are done, I’ll do some dedicated testing. Once that seems stable, I’ll release a beta version for wider testing. And when that seems stable, Poker Copilot 2 will be released.