Poker Copilot 2 Early Access Program Update

For the curious, an updated Poker Copilot 2 early access version is available at

What’s changed:

  • it works on PowerPC Macs
  • the mini-dashboard charts are working again
  • the database is quicker. I loaded 720,000 test hands into the database this afternoon without a hiccup.
  • there’s a new window that allows you to monitor the loading of hands
  • charting by date works again and has some improvements
  • a “crash reporter” will help you automatically notify Poker Copilot headquarters with important details when things go wrong
  • small tweaks based on your feedback
  • small bug fixes also based on your feedback

Known problems:

  • The HUD is not available in this version (it’s a temporary thing!)
  • charting by hands is unavailable

You can run the EAP version without affecting Poker Copilot 1 at all.

To keep things progressing, I’m going to try moving to a weekly release cycle.