The New Poker Copilot Website Design

Way back in November, I mentioned that I wanted to get the Poker Copilot website redesigned by a pro. The reason: apparently it’s an important part of improving sales. It’s now done.

Bob Walsh recommended Stefanie Fontecha of Fontecha Designs as a top notch web designer, so I contacted her. She told me it would be some months before she could get to me, because she already had a queue of clients. That’s a good sign, right? If she had a queue of clients, then she was probably pretty good. That was my thinking.

It turned out to be better than that. Stefanie is a rare creature, a real “twofer”. Twofer? With Stefanie I got two-fer-one, someone who does web design AND understands the technical nuts and bolts underneath, someone who can work with JavaScript and knows how to integrate those fancy web tools like FeedBurner and Get Satisfaction directly into my site.

To say I am pleased with the end result is an understatement. The little touches she added of her own choosing added even more value. For instance, the Poker Copilot demo video is embedded into the bottom of each blog article. Exellent idea. Another example: the latest blog article headlines are now included in the “About Poker Copilot” page. I didn’t even know that was possible without server side programming.

Now let’s see if sales improve!

[BTW: I never met Stefanie in person. We didn’t even have a telephone call. All our communication was through e-mail. She is somewhere in the US, and I am in Germany. So I guess you could say I “offshored” the work to the US!]