Yet Another Poker Copilot Update for Full Tilt

The fix released yesterday didn’t work for everybody. Therefore I’ve released another update, version 1.71. You can download from here: You only need to download this update if Poker Copilot is not working with Full Tilt Poker for you.

[And now the technical info: yesterday’s Full Tilt update introduced hand histories in UTF-16 encoding. For most users, that’s UTF-16 with little-endian byte order. For some users, however big-endian byte order is used. Which means that every pair of bytes in the hand history are switched. Including the mysterious zero-width no-break spaces at the beginning of each line of text in the hand history file.

Why? I’m not sure. It could be an error from Full Tilt’s Mac programmers. However there could be a dang good reason for it that I’m not wise enough to ascertain. On days like today I wish I could have a casual chat with Full Tilt’s programmers and find out!]