Poker Copilot: Worst Day Ever. Best Day Ever.

Worst Poker Copilot Day Ever
Full Tilt’s update two days ago resulted in me getting the most Poker Copilot support e-mails ever. Whenever I check the support inbox, it’s overflowing with new e-mails asking why Poker Copilot stopped working. It’s been hectic trying to answer them timely while also fixing the problems the Full Tilt update introduced. I’m almost “on tilt” myself! However I’ve managed to answer all e-mails within 24 hours, and most within a few hours.

Best Poker Copilot Day Ever
The copious quantities of support e-mails have revealed that many people are actively using Poker Copilot. And relying on it. That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! I also had the highest number of sales yesterday in the almost-year that Poker Copilot has been on the market. That gives my bank account a warm fuzzy feeling.

Worst Day Ever + Best Day Ever: Is there a correlation or is it coincidence? Were some potential customers pushed onto my “Buy Now” page by seeing me respond quickly to the problem? Did it give me a chance to demonstrate that Poker Copilot is the work of a real person and not a faceless organisation? I don’t like drawing conclusions from one data point so I’ll leave the questions open.