What I’ve Been Reading Lately


  • I just completed Matt Ruff’s Bad Monkeys, a somewhat alternative novel I can highly recommend. A secret organisation tries to improve the world by killing evil people.
  • Philip Roth’s American Pastoral. A perfect American life turns into a trainwreck. Recommended.

Tech Books:

  • Filthy Rich Clients, an exotically-named advanced guide to Java Swing programming. Very helpful for really understanding Swing.

Other Non-Fiction:

  • The disappointing Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. I’m sure there was a point in that book somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.
  • Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. An eye-witness account of an Everest expedition gone very wrong. Compelling. I could barely put it down.

And now, after years of good intentions I’m tackling Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose.