Time for some Poker Copilot 2 Answers

My post announcing the start of development on Poker Copilot 2 got some questions from some of my most loyal, persistent users. I feel obliged to answer:

Il Vargoso stated:

PokerCopilot 2 MUST HAVE the HUD working for multitable players.

Hearing you loud and clear! I’m looking at significantly improving the HUD. Il Vargoso comes from Colombia, my favourite country in the all the world. Which means I’m listening doubly hard. If you haven’t visited Colombia, I recommend heading there post-haste. It’s extremely beautiful and varied (Andes, Amazon, Caribbean, Pacific), has nice architecture, wonderful museums, friendly people, and (at least in 2006) was severely under-touristed. But I digress.

Lord Bodak emphatically wrote:

It had better not cost too much more than v1… PokerTracker is $89.99 and while I love Poker Copilot I think most would agree that it has a long way to go to be feature comparable.

The price is almost certainly going to be $59.95. While Poker Copilot is not Poker Tracker in it’s feature set, I’m also making sure that Poker Copilot is several steps above Poker Tracker in its usability. Unlike Poker Tracker, there’s no need to install and administer a database, and no need to occasionally “vacuum”, “cluster”, and “analyse” the database. For most people getting started with Poker Tracker is a cinch. Once started, the useful information in Poker Copilot jumps out at you, rather than being hidden behind numerous tabs and buttons and buttons and tabs.

Kerri Miller wrote:

I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee, considering that I just bought it 4 or 5 days ago

If you, like Kerri, missed out on the “free upgrade period” by only a few days, fret not. Simply let me know via e-mail once version 2 is released that you purchased mere days before the free upgrade period started and all will be taken care of. I am most reasonable in these matters! 🙂

Arthur reminded me that:

…early adopters [should] get the free upgrade, since many of us have been active participants in providing feedback and bug reporting through GetSatisfaction. In theory, that has laid the groundwork for v2 being possible.

This was so clear in my mind that I assumed it would go without saying. A few people have been consistently helpful with feedback, bug reports, suggestions, and patience in the development of version 1. Arthur is one of them. If you are too, wait until Poker Copilot 2 is released, then remind me via e-mail that you really deserve a free upgrade. You know who you are. I do too. You are the ones who have made Poker Copilot a joy to develop so far.