Three Pleasant Apple Surprises

I bought a new iMac a week or so ago.

It was a reward for myself for selling $x,000 worth of Poker Copilot in a month. Today I had three pleasant surprises with this new iMac:

  1. I bought a cable to connect an additional monitor to the iMac. While the iMac was running, I plugged in the monitor and turned it on. Immediately the new monitor was added to the desktop. No config, no installation. Just too easy.
  2. I noticed a friend was online in iChat with the video icon next to his name. I double-clicked, and a video chat started. First time I’ve done it on this computer, again no config and no installation needed. He’s in Australia, I’m in Germany, and we chatted, made bad jokes, and showed off the view out of our respective offices. Again – just too easy.
  3. The new iMac has a problem. The fan is always on and too loud. Or maybe it’s the hard drive. I don’t know. I called Apple and told them. They said they’d arrange for it to be collected and for a replacement to be delivered. As simple as that. No need to be switched from department to department. No need to be treated like an imbecile by tech support. No ndeed to plead my case. Maybe it’s something Apple does in the weeks immediately after delivery. I don’t know. What I do know, is, a phone call I was dreading turned out to be – a third time – just too easy.