Reducing Support via Simple Means

Since last week’s Poker Copilot update, I’ve had far less support e-mails. Downloads and purchases, on the other hand, are higher than ever.

How did I get the number of support e-mails down? Through a low-tech means. No, I didn’t turn off the support inbox! I added simple text and hyperlinks at critical places in Poker Copilot.

Common support question #1: Why are my tournament total winnings zero? New Answer:

Common support question #2: Can I customise the HUD? New answer:

Common support question #3: How can I add more hand history locations? New answer:

Though simple, the tips took some effort to write. Too much text, and people won’t read the tips. Too little text, and people won’t understand the tips. I need them to be short, no words wasted, yet still able to communicate. What you see in these screenshots is the result of much deliberation.