Poker Copilot Version 1: Complete

Poker Copilot version 1 is now a completed product. It’s reach a level of maturity, stability, and ease-of-use that I’m happy with. The number of support e-mails have dropped dramatically while downloads and sales have stayed consistent. The only changes I’ll be making will be bug fixes as necessary.

So what’s next? Poker Copilot version 2 of course! More news coming soon…

Here’s what I can say now:

  • Poker Copilot 2 will cost more that Poker Copilot 1.
  • Anyone who buys Poker Copilot from today (Sunday, 22nd March 2009) onwards gets a free upgrade to Poker Copilot 2 when it is released.
  • People who bought Poker Copilot 1 before today may have a small upgrade price. Or they may not. We’re still sorting this out.