Poker Copilot 1.64 Released

I’ve spent several days testing this release and I feel it is now ready. For “testing” read “playing long-running tournaments with hundreds and thousands of players but never quite making the cut”.

So what’s new in Poker Copilot 1.64?

  • Performance improvements. (For the fellow career geeks, I’ve made more use of background tasks to make the GUI more responsive.)
  • Small cosmetic changes, including a better level of transparency in the HUD.
  • Changes to the way “Went to showdown” and “won at showdown” are calculated. These now are based on hands where you saw the flop, rather than all hands.
  • Some small usability improvements which most people won’t notice but should reduce the number of new users having troubles
  • “Blind steal attempts” now includes attempts made from the small blind
  • The “Position” summary now categories position in relation to the button.
  • A number of small bug fixes

Download Poker Copilot 1.64 now.