A Blog as a Marketing Tool

My blog is my #1 marketing tool for Poker Copilot. It’s also fun – for me. I like writing. I have an opinion on just about everything, especially things I know little about. I like sharing my opinion. My close friends reading this will be nodding their heads in firm agreement right now!

As a marketing tool for a tiny software company, a blog gives almost unbeatable value-for-money. It costs me nothing in cash. It costs a little bit of time for each article – time which is nicely amortised. The returns seem to compound as the blog content increases linearly over time. That is, a blog with 100 articles is more than ten times as valuable as a blog with 10 articles.

Which raises the question: if a blog is so effective, will so many people start using this approach successfully that it will lose its value? If every tiny software company offers a regular, helpful blog, will it become a basic requirement for business? Will it lose its competitive advantage?

I think not. The reason is this: blogging is hard. Writing only a few blog articles is easy. Writing frequently, regularly and consistently for more than a couple of weeks becomes a distasteful chore for most people. Motivation flags. Most people don’t share my love of writing. Unlike me, most people are not filled with opinions they are eager to share with anyone within earshot (or is that eyeshot?). So if you can find the motivation and discipline to blog, you have a great advantage.

It becomes easier once you’ve made it a habit too.