Poker Copilot 1.54 Released

The newest update is waiting for you to download. This has no new features. It’s a stability-and-reliability update. In other words I did some bug fixes, including:

  • support for tournaments with rebuys and add-ons
  • converting “tournament entry” prizes into a cash equivalent in the stats
  • a more accurate continuation bet calculation
  • no more spurious “Change the PokerStars hand history to English” messages
  • much better performance when you have more than 100,000 hands
  • the HUD is more stable
  • better performance in general

For the technically inclined: I rediscovered the beauty of the producer-consumer pattern. I use it often in my enterprise consulting gigs in the form of JMS or ActiveMQ, but I hadn’t thought of applying it to desktop software.

I replaced the communication between the HUD and the rest of the app with a producer-consumer approach. The result is a much more reliable system, less susceptible to oscillating CPU usage. Java’s BlockingQueue makes implementing this a cinch.