How do paying customers hear of Poker Copilot?

For the last few months I’ve given people who purchase Poker Copilot a survey with exactly one question:

“Where did you hear about Poker Copilot?”

I collated the answers for the 100 most recent purchases:The problem is, I don’t exactly know how to interpret these results. Does the dominance of Google in this chart mean that:

  • I’ve put too much effort optimising for Google and should concentrate now on other sources? or
  • Optimising for Google is by far the best means of getting more sales, so I should neglect the other sources and tweak everything possible to get better Google rankings for every search phrase I can think of?

Of the various forums in the survey, 2+2 dominates. I search 2+2 almost every day for any mention of Poker Copilot. I announce major new releases there. Does the data indicate that I should spend even more time on 2+2, or that I’ve been neglecting other forums?

I have this problem in general with the mounds of data that I collect from various sources: how to interpret and use it.

A final observation from this graph for Mac developers: the Apple downloads site is responsible for a huge percentage of my downloads but very little of my sales.