Learning Italian

I used to be able to speak Italian. Clumsily, and with a strong Australian accent, but well enough to have conversations. Sadly, I’ve forgotten most of it, mostly pushed out of my head by the German I’ve had to learn to live in Germany. I’ve decided to learn Italian again to conversational level. But I need your help.

Here’s my goal: by the end of January I’ll have completed the first 30 lessons of Pimsleur’s Italian course. By the end of January I’ll have had a five minute Italian conversation with a native speaker – either my colleague Giovanni, or the friendly staff at the local Italian restaurant.

If I don’t reach this goal, I’ll donate 500 euros to charity.

How can you help? Please hold me accountable. Demand to know at the end of January whether I’ve met these goals. If I haven’t, demand that I make a donation and publish the receipt on the web.

This could be an expensive goal…