Keeping the Website Running

Poker Copilot is a business that sells purely over the Internet. Therefore it is critical – nay, essential – even vital, that the Poker Copilot website is always running. But I can’t be manually checking this. Well, like most of us one-person software firms, I do check my website often, almost as a compulsion. But is it up when I am sleeping? when I am away from the computer? when people want to download or buy Poker Copilot?

Fortunately I found, a free service that monitors my website. They send me weekly summary reports, and notify me when the site is down. Which fortunately seems to be hardly ever the case. And for that, I should give my site hosting firm, ServerPronto, a mention too.

It’s always comforting when I get my weekly report showing somewhere between 99.5% and 100% uptime.