Why Poker Copilot stats differ from Poker Tracker stats

Some people compared the statistics Poker Copilot generates with the equivalent Poker Tracker statistics and have spotted differences. Why the difference?

Fair question. It’s matter of definition. Unfortunately there is no official organisation to issue precise definitions of terms such as “Blind Steal Attempts” and “Aggression Frequency”.

Consider “Blind Steal Attempts”. The current Poker Copilot definition is this: a raise on the button in the first round of betting when every player except the blinds have folded. But maybe the small blind can only make a blind steal attempt if the button folds. Or the player one before the button, who make be extremely courageous or have observed that the player on the button doesn’t like stealing. These situations are hard to detect pragmatically. However I feel the current definition is acceptable for making comparisons between players.

I added tool tips to each dashboard statistic defining Poker Copilot’s terms. There is also an explanation here. In both cases I’ve tried to use clear and concise terms.

The Future
I understand differing from Poker Tracker definitions makes it hard when comparing statistics on forums. Therefore at some point I intend to move my definitions closer to Poker Tracker, as it seems to be a de facto standard.