Nobody cares that you "rewrote from scratch"

I read this product announcement:

“As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers to provide the best software we can, we’ve rewritten […name omitted…] entirely from scratch!”

My opinion: users don’t care that you rewrote your software from scratch. That’s not a feature. It’s not a benefit. Nobody thinks, “this software I’m thinking of buying…they rewrote it from scratch so now I’m definitely buying it.”

Better is to announce the new features you’ve added:

“Because so many people requested it, we’ve added interactive charts.”


“The new release of XYZ now supports in-situ wiki editing.”

These are things that might make one curious and consider updating.

The technical details for those who really care about such things, I post in my blog. But I don’t think the fact that Poker Copilot was written in Java has swayed a single person for or against buying it.