Supporting Users While I Sleep

Three facts:

  1. Most users of Poker Copilot are in North America.
  2. People usually play online poker in the evening.
  3. I live in Europe.

Due to these three facts, I’m usually sleeping when people use Poker Copilot. Therefore I read most user support emails when I start up my computer in the morning. There’s usually a couple per day.

Last night (European time) I added a link to the Poker Copilot Get Satisfaction site on the Poker Copilot support web page. This morning I found that instead of posting me emails, people had posted directly on Get Satisfaction – just as I had hoped.

So what’s so blog-worthy about this? Someone had already answered one of the posted questions while I was still sleeping. Users helping users – while I sleep. Sweet.

(Many thanks to “trixilw”, the Get Satisfaction user who correctly and succinctly posted the answer.)

I get a kick from the idea that out of nothing there now exists a Poker Copilot “user community”. A community of users who discuss Poker Copilot on poker forums, who request new features, and who blog about it. All for a product that didn’t exist a few months ago. I even discovered a nice referral for Poker Copilot on a German discussion forum last weekend. Sweet – again.