FTP on the Mac

I got my first Mac about a year ago. I ordered at a time when supplies in Germany were limited and so I had to wait three long, long weeks. Finally it arrived the day before I was due to fly to Israel. I had been planning the Israel trip for a long time, and I had already delayed it a year earlier due to the 2006 Lebanon War. Even so, I was sorely tempted to cancel the trip at the last moment and play with my new toy.

I’m still learning about the Mac, OS X, and the everyday apps you need. FTP is one area where I was clumsily and suboptimally getting by in this new environment. For a while I endured command line FTP. Eventually I tried a couple of GUI apps. I’ve finally settled on Transmit, a simple, elegant, and complete FTP app from Panic, a company with an awesome tagline: “Shockingly Good Mac Software”. Transmit is a great example of what I’ve come to expect from Mac software: it simply works.