Prioritising Features

While working on the first release of Poker Copilot, I frequently added “nice-to-have” features to my to-do list. I had a two-part process to decide which features from that list to implement: first, is it easy to implement? second, it is useful to me as an online poker player?

Now that a few weeks have passed since I initially released Poker Copilot, the process of prioritising features has become easier. The most requested features are what I implement next. No longer am I guessing what my users want. The most vocal of them tell me directly, either through e-mail or comments on this blog.

The top feature request is, by a enormous margin, support for PokerStars. Which is why I’m currently implementing PokerStars support. Not everything is getting easier for my Poker Copilot endeavour as time passes. But prioritisation certainly is.

BTW: PokerStars support is almost complete, a task made easier thanks to Thrynn’s generous donation of almost 50,000 hands worth of PokerStars hand history files. All that remains is comprehensive, systematic testing.