Marketing Poker Copilot

I’m a programmer, not a marketeer. Peddling Poker Copilot, however, has forced me to learn something about marketing really quick. Luckily the web is awash in information on “how to sell”, some of it even a little useful.

For now, my main marketing aim is to get people to download Poker Copilot. Downloads have come mainly from three sources:

  • from the Two Plus Two poker forums. This seems to be the biggest and best online forums for everything poker-related. I trawl the forums daily looking for the oft-recurring question, “Is there any poker tracking software for Mac OS X?” Then I politely but tersely answer, as non-spam-like as possible.
  • from people finding this blog using Google, who then click through to the main site. The Poker Copilot site itself receives few direct hits from Google, so search engine optimisation is a good candidate for stage 2 of my marketing
  • from the Apple downloads site. My download numbers are consistently dominated by referrals from Apple.

I suspect that referrals from Two Plus Two are by far the most valuable of these sources, although I have no data to support this. Just a gut feeling.

What about Google AdWords? Good question. I tried using AdWords, but Google refused my ads. They don’t accept ads for online poker sites. Although Poker Copilot is not an online poker site per se, I decided to save the appeal for later. Strangely, ads for some alleged poker bot software – the domain of scum and villainy – are carried by Google. Go figure.