Extending Poker Copilot’s Auto-Configuration

While adding PokerStars support I tried to ensure that Poker Copilot remains the easiest hand history analysis tool to configure and use. What I’m especially avoiding is the need for users to manually locate and “import” hand history files.

In light of this, I added a new start-up dialog for first-time users. It checks for the existence of both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, then reads their own preferences to locate the hand history folders. To ensure that the user knows what is happening, Poker Copilot presents the list of folders that will be imported.

Additionally it informs the user how to add folders later, perhaps containing a friend’s hand history files. The complete Poker Copilot instruction manual in a sentence, if you will.

The implementation was easy, but designing a workable, elegant, and simple solution was a challenge.