Poker Copilot 1.1 – with HUD – Almost Ready

I’ve put a freeze on further development for the next release of Poker Copilot. After a few days of testing it’ll be ready for release.

The biggest new feature in Poker Copilot 1.1 is the heads-up display (HUD). If you have been using Windows products with a HUD, such as Poker Tracker, then you’ll be surprised by how different – and very Mac-like – the Poker Copilot HUD is.

The Poker Copilot HUD is a small window that accompanies your Full Tilt Poker table. It uses bar charts to help you instantly compare players on the table. You can instantly answer these questions: Is my opponent a calling station? Ultra-tight? Super-aggressive on the raises? Am I the tightest or loosest player on the table?

The HUD works in tournaments, cash games, and even with play money.

While I’ve been trialing the HUD, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my winnings. If only because I can now judge better whether to fold or raise the dreaded A-K hand!