Mockup for Analysing Full Tilt Poker Tournaments

Currently Poker Copilot silently ignores tournament hand history files. The reason: until recently I haven’t been playing tournaments on Full Tilt Poker. More than anything, Poker Copilot is a tool designed to help me in my poker playing. Now I’ve switched to tournaments, it is time to add tournament analysis.

Yesterday I praised Balsamiq Mockups. I’ve been using it today to help me draft ideas for Poker Copilot’s upcoming “Tournament” section. Take a look:

The idea is to quickly get an understanding of the playing styles of the people I find myself sharing a tournament table with.

I’ve also been considering other ways of showing the data. For example, as bar charts instead of numbers:
There’s no doubt in mind that this looks nice. But does it help more than raw numbers? Should the chart be divided into three charts, one for each series? I’m not too sure.

Here’s the same data with numbers: