Impressive Tool for Creating User Interface Mockups

I stumbled upon Balsamiq Mockups on the web a few days ago. It seems a clever tool that makes a common task for me easier, so I made a mental note to give it a try when the right time came. Yesterday that time came. At work, I need to create a couple of mockups to help ascertain exactly what my users required. So I fired up Balsamiq Mockups and gave it a go. I was extremely impressed. Without having to read any instructions or go through a tutorial I was able to quickly do what I wanted.

It’s not a perfect product, which is to be expected of a recently released version 1. It is slow and has some bothersome – but not critical – bugs. On the positive side, the appearance of the finished mockups makes them look like they were sketched on note paper which prevents users from thinking that they are only one step away from a finished product. It also had plenty of nice touches – try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Highly recommended. Doubly so because Balsamiq is, like Poker Copilot, a one-man show.