Adding PokerStars Support

Poker Copilot currently works with Full Tilt Poker, one of the most popular online poker sites. Today I began work on adding support for PokerStars, which is apparently the number one site. Here in Germany, PokerStars uses Boris Becker in their advertising, which may add to their allure.

Fortunately I designed the hand history parser in a flexible way. It stands almost completely alone from the GUI. This allows me to easily plug in support for more online poker sites. Again fortunately, the PokerStars hand history files are similar to the Full Tilt Poker hand history files. So this task shouldn’t take too long.

To do the PokerStars support correctly, I need to generate lots of hand history files to test against. There are some unusual situations in Poker that occur seldomly, and I need examples of these situations in my PokerStars test data. Two such unusual situations are split pots, and disconnection and/or reconnection during a hand.

The best way I have of generating lots of hand history files is to play lots of hands of poker on PokerStars. So if you are a PokerStars player, look out for me on the micro stakes tables playing as “stevoski111”.