Day 4: Decided on a Name

I’ve finally decided on my Poker app’s name. I bought the domain I’ll use. I won’t say what it is yet, because I want to get Google Analytics in place first.

Rumours are that my Poker app is called Poker Sidekick. Although I like this name, the owner of – a registered but unused domain – wanted too much money for it. Better to get a $10 domain instead. In the meantime I’ve been using the name “Poker Sidekick” as a holding place.

I had been thinking of calling my app “Poker Pilot”. Not only was the domain taken, there is also an app (not linked with the domain) called “Poker Pilot” which is definitely the work of scum and villainy. I’ve no desire to be associated with it.

I’ve been playing around with some major snazzing up of my user interface. I did this with Mac OS X’s Interface Builder. If I can get it looking pleasing enough, I’ll dedicate some time on the weekend to reworking the app’s GUI. This is the benefit of getting the parser and stats engine fully in place. Now I can redo the interface as much as I like, knowing that there is a solid app behind it.

But perhaps I should save the reworked interface for version 1.1. Or version 2. 🙂