Day 3: 100 Nice Touches

Sohail asked:

“Is your parsing still slow?”

I think my parsing is anything but slow. On my own MacBook Pro, the app parses at up to 4000 hands per second. On a multi-core computer it utilises all cores for parsing.

I improve the user’s perception of speed by parsing the newest data first. If the user has six months of hand history files, the most recent month will be parsed first, on the assumption that this is the data the user is most interested in.

Also for user perception, as each file is parsed, the GUI is updated so that the first graphs appear almost immediately upon startup.

This is part of my “100 nice touches” approach. These nice touches are the things that don’t make it on the feature list but make the product a joy to use. If all goes to plan, this “100 nice touches” approach will give me users who enthusiatically recommend my app.