Day 26: Poker Copilot App Completed

Poker Copilot 1.0, my Mac OS X app for tracking and analysing online poker hand histories is now finished. No, that’s not quite true. Testing and debugging still await. The weekend is dedicated for testing with the help of my girlfriend, who just happens to be a software tester. Very convenient.

It’s nice to see my own app in the Applications folder in Finder, right next to Full Tilt Poker:

I went through my to-do list this evening with brutality. Anything that isn’t essential for version 1.0 has been assigned to a later version. Everything else I took care of in a burst of energy. I intend to release version 1.1 within a few weeks of launching, which will add many small touches, especially improved data visualisation.

I’m also still to finish the website. That’s looking ever more like a last minute task.