Day 12: Google Likes Me More Every Day

I’m glad I added Google Analytics to this blog the day I started. It gives me some heartening statistics. It’s great watching the upward trend in visitors. It seems there are plenty of people who enjoy reading along as I try to launch this poker app by the end of the month.

Even better, the number of people who find this site through Google Search is increasing. The search terms people use to find my site are varied. Not all have something to do with poker. Some are matching are things like “JFreeChart” and “FastSpring”. But motivatingly, a significant amount of searches are for terms like “full tilt poker history parser” and “mac poker stats”.

If I have a problem with Google Analytics, it’s that I find it too addictive. When I get up in the morning, even before I have my first coffee, I’m scouring the latest Google Analytics reports.