Day 11: Website Hosting

I have a hosted web server that I use for It’s vastly underutilised, so I decided to use it to host the website for my poker app. I knew that would involve mucking around with intricate details in obscure configuration files, which is something I don’t enjoy. Programming is my passion, and system administration is my pet hate. I rate it almost as badly as going to the dentist.

With a one-person software company, I have to do many things I wouldn’t normally choose to do. So I rolled up my sleeves, doused my body in caffeine, and gave it a shot.

After a couple of hours of tinkering, I was successful. My new domain now points to my web server. My Apache Tomcat installation maps different domains to different folders. A test index.html file is served up correctly.

Now that hosting is completed, I can turn my attention in the days ahead to the somewhat harder – and rather more enjoyable – task of creating the website for my poker app.