Poker Stats: What’s in a Name?

I watched a video recently of Tim Ferriss giving a presentation to Google London. Tim Ferriss is the author of “The 4-Hour Workweek“, a title I think is poxy. It turns out he does too. In this video he revealed how he came up with the name.

His original title was “Dealing Drugs for Fun and Profit”. His publisher said that such a Wal-Mart unfriendly title would be terrible for his sales and he needed a new name. So he came up with about 10 different titles. For each he registered the domain and set up a simple “coming soon” page. He then spent about $150 in total on Google Adwords campaigns to see which attracted the most clicks. Apparently “The 4-Hour Workweek” was an order of magnitude more popular than any other candidate.

Oh, and Tim has made a massive heap of money, I guess, from this book.

I’m taking the same approach for my Poker Stats app. I’m gathering 10 candidate names of which, thanks to help from Scott Kane and Rob Meredith, I already have 5. Then I’ll let the market speak, courtesy of Google Adwords.

I’m still keen to hear suggestions for names, especially if the domain for the name is available.