Poker Stats: More Decisions Made

There are many online poker apps, all of which have their own way of writing hand history files. These hand history files are the input for my app.

I’ve been playing Party Poker exclusively until a few days ago, and my app currently only parses hand history files from Party Poker. However Party Poker creates two problems for me. First, the Mac version doesn’t write hand history files, and I’ve decided only to release a Mac version initially. Secondly, the hand history files it writes are messy and interlaced with chat messages, causing some parsing reliability problems.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been trying Full Tilt Poker. This has a good Mac version, writes hand history files on Macs, and the hand history files are better structured. A friend told me that it has much more users than Party Poker too, although I’ve been unable to verify this.

So the decision: the first version will only support Full Tilt Poker hand history files.