Poker App: Some Progress

I finally got around to importing my project source into Subversion source control. I know, I know, I should have done it long ago. 🙂

I added a red dot to the end of the Sparkline, to make it clearer that the number beside the Sparkline is the value of the last data point. If this means nothing to you, be patient, I intend to explain what Sparklines are, why I’m using them, and I how I implemented them in Java sometime soon.

I got cracking with a hand history parser for Full Tilt Poker. I needed to test against a wide range of hand history files, which meant I had to play for a while. Nice when I can play online poker and consider it work. If all goes well tomorrow, I should have the parser finished.

I experimented with building a DMG file, which is how OS X apps are typically distributed. It was a bit cumbersome, I’m definitely going to have to create a one-step process to build the distributables.

If anyone reading this plays Full Tilt Poker on the Mac, and would like to help me out by trying out the DMG file and running the app on your own system, let me know. It would be good to know if I’ve accidentally included any dependencies on my own environment.