Poker App: Finished the parser

I knuckled down today and completed the parser for Full Tilt Poker hand history. This is the second parser I wrote, the first being for Party Poker, another online poker site. The second one was definitely much easier to write than the first one, because for the first one I had to relearn how to write a parser, something I hadn’t needed to do since my university days. It’s more than 15 years since I finished university, which is adequate time to forget most everything I learnt.

Now I’ve got the less enjoyable part to do: manually reading through various hand history files, calculating with pen and paper the expected results, which I can then compare to the results my Poker statistics app gives. After all, I don’t want my app to be telling people they are poker gods, if they are only poker mortals.

I spent a little time on the name dilemma. Damn, it’s hard finding a pithy but appropriate name whose domain is free.