Player Icon Definitions

Wondering what Poker Copilot’s player icons mean? Here are some definitions.

Icon Name Description
Rock Is very tight preflop. If this player puts money in the pot pre-flop, chances are he’s got a premium hand.
Whale Plays almost anything. In poker a whale is a big fish.

(Everyone knows a whale is actually a mammal, but you are playing poker, not studying biology.)

Fish Plays too many marginal hands.

These players offer easy money. It is like “shooting fish is a barrel.”

Calling Station Limps/calls too much.

These players are hard to  bluff, as they like to see how the flop unfolds. Even when they don’t hit the flop, they’ll often keep putting money into the pot.

Gambler Plays many types of hands, and if he reaches the flop, plays aggressively post-flop.
Maniac If he puts money into the flop, doesn’t like to be outbet pre-flop. You’ll need to be prepared to often commit a lot of chips against these players.
Eagle Plays a very solid all-round game, especially pre-flop.
Book Plays very predictably. This player reads a poker book or two and follows them exactly.

Red Circle, Green Triangle, Blue Square, Yellow Star These are extra symbols you can use with your own rules.
Indefinable A player who playing style doesn’t fall into any of the other categories.